Tips for Traveling with Your Loved One

Despite the fact that travel alone has a lot of advantages, sometimes you want to share your adventures with someone else. Of course, traveling with a lover can be tedious – you are together 24 hours, experience ups and downs. But nothing will bind you as much as the first joint lesson in surfing, a helicopter ride or impressions of the sight of a real wild elephant. But things can go bad when you are left without a place to sleep after a 30-hour train ride or when you feel bad after eating a plate of some meat on the street.

There is always the possibility that a journey will leave its unpleasant impressions on your relationship. But if everything goes according to your plan, there is no better way to get to know each other closer than the journey that can be remembered all your life. Besides, eastern European girls are in love with travelling. And here are some proven tips for couples who travel together.

Don’t take a lot of clothes

You have to carry a lot of things, so don’t bring a lot of clothes with you. The first thing that can greatly irritate is a heavy bag that you can’t even pick up.  

Take a GPS Navigator

Every cell of the body strains when we travel with our beloved companions. Things that never caused problems suddenly start to irritate us. Nothing gives rise to so many disputes like discussions of routes. In these discussions, no one ever wins, no one ever concedes, and no one ever admits that his or her route was wrong. You can return to the same place several times, use both routes, but you will never understand which one may be the shortest. Take care of your relationship from unnecessary quarrels and get a GPS device for your trip. After that, the only thing you can argue about is who is to blame that the batteries have died.

Find time for yourself

If you are one of those couples that travel together, this doesn’t mean that you should spend all days together. If you were at home right now, you would have different interests. So why not do the same when you travel? Does she want to go to the gallery, but the thought of boring old paintings horrifies you? In this case, you go to drink a cold beer while she enjoys the creativity. Do you want to visit the palace of some dictator but she doesn’t want? Then let her wait for you on the beach.

Yes, it is nice to experience moments together, but it’s also nice to have a few personal stories that you can share with your mate. In addition, if you spend several hours apart, you will feel like a lonely traveler. Perhaps it will make you appreciate your loved one more.

Try something new

This advice is not on the topic of sex. Try to diversify your days as much as possible when you travel together. People envy the way of life of wanderers, paint a picture of entertainment in their minds where every day is diverse and full of adventure. But to tell you the truth, any journey can be as monotonous as the usual routine at home. Long-term travel is not always exciting and interesting as many believe. Regardless of whether you are at home or on a journey, the routine may kill your relationships. Travel and adventure go hand in hand. If you feel that everything starts to slowly become boring, then try something new that you can’t do at home. It can be testing of new dishes or jumping from a bridge on an elastic band, and many other things.

Book a room

When people travel together, they spend a lot of time studying the sights, walking, trying the local cuisine, and arguing with their lovers. But sometimes the long hot days, camping, dirty clothes, and annoying other things force them to neglect an important part of a relationship. It’s so simple, but there are so many couples who persistently save a few dollars and live in a hostel. It is not necessary to rent a suite in a five-star hotel. But having paid a few extra dollars for a separate room, you will undoubtedly become closer to each other, which will bring the tension between you to a minimum.


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