Taylor B. Jones – Fake Neighbors and Death

Same person, different fake persona of the person I previously mentioned. She uses both accounts together to screw with mostly older guys who play the Daddy angle with the younger account. Then seems to stop, then the marked victim goes to her account playing the older wheelchair bound lady begging for info while worrying that the younger lady is OK. Fairly weird and detailed with her gimmick .

This is just some, I’m gonna do my best and post a few photos separately. They are the best that I can in the order of how it unfolded and In order of context. First is a group of screen shots from Twitter from a lawyer that ran across her twisted fun.

Photo 1 of 4 from the Lawyer that excepted a friend request from her, and yes I did get screen shots where she actually did
mess with the local newly elected mayor and caused a mess with people that knew him and relatives. This was all early last year , I like to call her an idiot, but she is far from that, a very Sickly smart Psycho. The last photo is a screenshot I took from her page where she was slandering this guy after he called her out and he deleted her and was blocked, at the time I wasn’t too sure about the issues of Censoring people’s names so I did after. I realized it was a public open post, so I became less worried about it in Nate Whitlock post. Some of it was just out of respect at first because it was pretty embarrassing the way they went after him. After I blasted them and tried to help him see what was going on I got blocked. Sadly and what a joke Facebook can very much be. I reported 50 plus post from Cheryl’s for hate and bullying, 27 got taken down then it became pretty obvious Facebook or whoever was doing that job that day just got fed up because some they deleted were no where as bad as some they kept up and the fact she had been reported previously for a fake account on top of all the deletes for Bullying, she was and continues to keep getting by ???

Cheryl’s one of many sexual allegations attacked on the guy from above photos. Her game, as Taylor would do, is Sadistically screw with people until they would call her out and they would Block and delete the Taylor Page.
Then here as the Sweet Crippled lady she would come to her next door neighbor and best Friends defense, never anything from the Taylor Page. She, the Taylor page, would cause a mess of Muck and then her Sweet little Cripple Lady neighbor friend swings in to explain how horrible Taylor had been used, yeah some pretty crazy psycho stuff going on there.

This is the guy that I saw getting ran through the Ringer and I got pissed off and tried to open his eyes!
He actually had his credit # hacked and phone hacked for over a month from her.
The first post Cheryl posted rumors of him being a child molester, later she would confuse him so much Cheryl would be his go to when he would desperately be trying to find out why Taylor was being mean to him.
I don’t usually go to the defense of strangers, but I saw we had one mutual friend that I’ve known for 40 yrs and have loads of respect for, so I felt sorry for the guy and started digging up conflicting stuff both would say hoping to help the guy.
The Tom Ferguson reference was one of many she made about the New Mayor of Hernando Mississippi and caused a bunch of people to spread B’s she started .

He became her friend after he found out she was friends with her other page Taylor ???

The referencing of Nate as a child molester was when I decided this road wreck needed to be called out for what she and both her pages were and this is my first interaction with her as Cheryl. This was her reason behind the child molester remark toward Nate,
and she always go to slur of sexual crap about anybody that deleted or previously blocked her Taylor page Bullshit.
Which was in my case her trying her Damnest to get me to private chat, or email or instant message her which I never fell for .

The fake photo that I did that she is claiming to have no clue of who it is , is this which is funny as hell she reported directly to FaceBook and got it deleted and me in a little Facebook trouble . I was in the middle of doing a whole Tribute page to both her persona’s.


After getting in the middle of her Screwing with Nate and me calling her out on being both persona’s, this got crazier!


She starts this crazy story about why I’m saying all this which goes into sexual weird victim crap and now she’s afraid I might have done something to her to get those screen shots too. Also I told Nate to contact the local police department if he has any worries about her well being. Now she, Cheryl, starts falling apart in her answers as seen in next 3 screen shots.



There was a few screen shots that are about 5 minutes apart from this about him contacting the police because he is worried. Now all of a sudden she has no phone… and amazingly internet service.


I’ve got plenty more crazy psycho screen shots but these where a good idea of what a screwed up sicko she enjoyed playing on people. The Cheryl page got a few where she would put down she was having a yard sale starting at 7 on Saturday mornings at random local people’s address. Guess people she had issues locally with?


After smoozing him jacking his phone for over a month and him making reference to his credit card number get taken.


This was posted right On Taylor’s Page right after Nate sent the above post to Cheryl. This woman and her two page are a real psychology work of art.


Nate’s page a little over a month later after his phone got Hacked letting everyone know he was OK in his header. It seems after all this Drama the Taylor Page would voluntarily be deactivated and reactivated as she desired to avoid being located and reported to FaceBook because she was getting reported heavily at this time. The Cheryl page still freely comes up in searches, the Taylor Page doesn’t come up but if searched it is possible to see like pages she made comments on that can still be found with a change in profile avatar used so that makes me assume that when things get heated, she goes deactivated.


All post after he passed away last year making any interaction between Taylor and him were very quickly removed and comments made to her about him passing away from others was gone immediately, and she wasn’t heard from, but has occasionally popped up in public page comments. Not very many, but some and with different profile photos actually in my messenger where I never replied to her are deleted. I do not use messenger , even though her profile can not be found, her avatar from that message from March last yr will occasionally change?


Sherlock Holmie

Lets expose all of these catfish together!

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