Met this man on Zoosk and immediately asked to chat on Kik. I should have know something was up.

Started chatting on Kik, he sent pics of a man in US Army uniform with the last name on his uniform as “COLL”.  He was handsome 6’2 dark hair. Also sent pics of his “son” and pics of the same man in a black tank top showing his tattoos going down both arms. He tells you he had two cars a benz and bmw and black truck and will send pics of them. Says he owns his home, wife of 9 yrs died of breast cancer and has a nanny.

BEWARE THIS IS FAKE!! I asked for proof, a current pic holding a note showing the current date and he refused then disappeared………GOTCHA SCUMBAG !!!!! If you are suspicious just simply ask for a current pic of them holding a note that says your name and todays date……most scammers cant do it because they stole their pics off the internet and then they will no longer chat with you……GOOD LUCK AND ALWAYS BE SAFE !!!!!

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