He started chatting with me and his distance from me was more than 5000 miles. The way he worded his sentences made me suspicious because he didn’t always write like someone who speaks English well. He asked a ton of questions. The profile says he is 41 and he claims he works for the government but lives in Nashville. One of the questions he asked me was when I had cried last. I asked him the same and he said it was when a buddy was beheaded by ISIS. It seemed quite bizarre. I did a reversee search on him and found another profile on under the name codypetlover aged 44. I think both are scams. 


Lets expose all of these catfish together!

One thought on “Maxwell

  • October 7, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    This catfisher is currently using the same photo under the profile name JasonMcJason on Plenty of Fish, claiming to be 30 yo in Saginaw, MI and a Chemical Engineer.


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