This man pretends to be white and pretends to be from Slovakia. At the time we were talking he said he lived in Dallas TX but had to go to Germany to work. Well during that time our relationship on the phone, it got quite serious or so I had thought. Also being, I have never done anything like this, it was completely new.

Well let me try to make this short. He kept sending me pics,.. I mean pics of him daily, then pics of him and his daughter etc. Well, then he couldn’t get home for some financial reasons, so I wanting to see the man I was speaking with for 2 to 3 times a day. I helped him out, and come to find out what a fool was I. It was just as scam, but he felt so bad for what he did, so he says that he had to confess everything.

This man is not a white man, he is black and not from Slovakia nor living in the United States living on a Visa. He is from Nigeria and as I said he’s a black man who’s  28 years old. He is only a scammer and he wants me to get him to the states. Then he said he would return my money but I guess he wont , I just s.o.l.

Anyways, ladies if you talk to him please please know he’s a smooth talker and he is quick on his toes and he even knows some of the Slovakian language because I started talking to him in it and he spoke it right back to me correctly. So please, if anyone knows how to shut this fool down please do because all he’s doing is conning and scamming anyone… I mean old people, young people, anyone that will fall for him and his friends con. They need to be arrested but I don’ know how to make that happen!!!! He is a con artist, a scammer, a thief, a manipulator, a liar, he is the worst of everything and you do not want to get mixed in with him. Please please please stay far away from him if you happen to talk and get in the mix with him. If someone does know how to shut him down please do so. Thank You

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