I met “jacob” on okcupid.

He was very charming and sweet. Then 2 weeks in he had to go to Europe on business. Low and behold there was a work accident and desperately nedded to borrow funds.

This guy gave himself away with the grammar, his unwillingness to send a selfie in the enviroment, and his voice on the phone lol

I kept it going until he asked for money. Then i told him he was full of lies, bullshit and excuses and that I was on to him from the beginning.

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  • November 12, 2017 at 2:08 pm

    Same story here: I met him on Ok Cupid at the end of October (he told me I was the first he was chatting with since her registered,,,!). He is soooo sweet and very charming! On Thursday he got a big contract and on Saturday he had to go fly already to Cyprus to work on this contract. He is an engineer and was going over there to work on a bridge.

    I found bizarre that he had to leave so fast so I did a search… There is no bridge in Cyprus, there is no
    river to cross!!! Then I found this page on FindFAkeProfiles”… So I started to play with him.

    During the week, he sent me a picture he took himself of the bridge he was working on. Putting the picture in Google Image returned dozen of web sites with this same exact picture!

    During the week he was supposedly in Cyprus, I told him I just received an unexpected inheritance of 100 000$!!! Made him believe I wanted to fly to Cyprus to celebrate with him. Of course he didn’t want me to “waste” my money because he was there just for a few days. He told me instead to book a flight to both
    of us next week for Greece and that he would take care of the hotel and everything else.

    Friday was the big day, he went to the AMT and realized he had taken with him an expired credit card and
    was not able to get any money to pay his employees…! He asked if he could borrow money from me and
    would refund me on Monday when he would be back. I said “Of course, how much do you want”? He asked how much. I told him “Only 8000$” because I didn’t received my inheritance yet. He said that 7500$ would be enough! LOL!!!!

    He gave me his bank information (which you will find bellow) and told him I was running to the bank. When I came back, I told him I forgot the paper in my car and I was at work and had to work so he would have
    to wait. He was sooo impatient! LOL Then after work I told him I forgot the paper at work. He was pissed off. Almost not nice to me! He asked me to go back to the bank on Saturday morning to go get the paper because his agent couldn’t find the money. On Saturday, I made him with then sent him a email telling him in part why I knew he was a con artist. I told him how stupid he was thinking I would even send a penny and blablabla. Never heard of him after that!

    Here is the information he gave me :

    Bank of Montreal
    Swift Code – BOFMCAM2
    Routing no – 00107200
    Account no – 3926470
    Account name – Maria Ilori O
    Bank address – 1180 Columbia st. west,
    BC V2c 6R6,Canada
    Transit no – 07200

    When I searched “Maria Ilori O” on Facebook, I found the profile of “Maria Illori Oyinkansola” from Nigera, the country king of frauds!

    Hope this guy won’t get a penny from no one!!!

  • November 12, 2017 at 2:09 pm

    Jacob Logan from Westmount


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