How to Know that You Are Chatting with Dating Bot

Online dating is very popular nowadays. Just admit that everyone at least once visited such websites like These are quick interactions with strangers aiming to find and recognize your future date. It simplifies life, isn’t it? However, unfortunately, the picture is not always so bright. Such things like scammers, ads etc. can cause a lot of trouble, use your naïve and rose-colored essence of the newbie. In addition to the mentioned above, there is one more IT creation that can be both dangerous and entertaining.

As you know, in general modern technologies can be rather controversial. So-called dating bots are not the exception. These programs respond as real people, but have no body or heart. It is up to you to decide whether chat bot is a blessing or a curse. But today we will give 5 tips on how to define these frauds.

  1. Too fast reaction

Dating bots’ profiles may be filled with realistic photos and information, respond to your messages correctly, but if your woman writes back too fast (only in several seconds), better keep your weather eye open. Women usually take time to think. Machines – do not. So if you ever wondered how a woman could write back the whole paragraph about her day in 3 seconds, say “hello” to a chat bot.

  1. Always online

It seems to be a great advantage for you at first. Your date is constantly ready to chat with you. However, just take a minute and think. Even if she is real, why she always meets and farewells you. Doesn’t she has her real life to live?

Speaking about the bots. These may stay online, but say, “I’m sorry, baby. Got so much work. Let’s speak tomorrow.” If the response and the excuses are the same (including the punctuation and the emoji used), stop talking to robot and spend your time on real women. The next paragraph develops the topic even better.

  1. Same phrases and responses

Every day for the whole month you ask a woman “How are you doing?” and she goes “Fine, thanks”. This is about all the questions. Even the lady who lacks the fantasy or creativity will try to change something in her written speech. Sometimes men tend to think the fault is theirs. Too boring questions, short and uninteresting responds. Take into account the previous points, check your date and only then think what was wrong.

  1. Right questions — wrong answers

This one is the most evident. Any machine or program or even an AI has some gaps in the programming. All the words, phrases (especially slang) at least in the English language are impossible to put into the “heads” of machines. Dealing with complicated questions, unfamiliar ones, dating bot will give similar responds, which could be rather odd or even funny. Want to check your date? Ask something unexpected, strange or even horrifying and look what is to happen later. If your girl is real, you can always admit your true plans. If she is not, delete her from your friends, favorites at once.

  1. No video chats

If your machine is not one of the major IT discoveries of this year, it will never agree to speak through a webcam. 100%!

Be safe around dating websites!


Lets expose all of these catfish together!

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