I want to meet my US Officer, I love him

My partner died, I was alone. The pic is of me. After some contacts, he meant that he wanted to get out of Kabul earlier then the contract and come to see me, he was disappointed with women. He said that they only wanted his money, divorced 8 years and his ex wife did not let him see his daughter who was 14 years old, so he was getting bulled.
He asked me to contact the United Army Force and I got the following letter from them:

“Greetings to you, hope all is well with you. We got the leave request for Surgeon General Elliot Dunbar. To make a leave request has a procedure. Two (2) forms will be sent to your e-mail which you will print out, fill, scan and send back to us before the leave can be approved. The leave request takes up to 24 hours to process. (Anyhow my computer and e-mail does not work properly, somebody will come and repair it. I am just on Facebook since my maiden name is Lagerström and i have family all over the world).
You are required to make payment of his unexpected round trip ticket fee, but rest assure that the money (i hate the word money, I like Switzerland but people are always talking about money, all the time!) will be refunded to you by the United State Army Military Authority. The ticket fee is just a sign of commitment from you and to show how serious you are and that you really take good care of our Surgeon General Elliot Dunbar. There is a money pay back Guarantee form that will be given to you in the Military cantonment. This form will enable you to get your money back when the Deployed officer is with you, both of you will have to go to any Military cantonmentor the United Nations Quarters in your country, and the money sent for the ticket fee will be duly refunded within 24 hours with 30% interest. Any body making a request for the deployed officer pays the sum of EU 5.692.00 (Five thousand six hundred and ninety two Euro) for a round trip ticket and BTA (Basic Travel Allowance)/ Leave of absence and replacement this is due to all our soldiers who has been signed out for their leave upon request. We hereby implore your indulgence to remit the payment to the information below, please endeavor to scan and send the payment slip to this email” etc.

It did not work the 6th of February, i had even not CHF 2000.- on my account, so I could eat or be prepared for some unexpected fees. The 9th of February, I got a message that it was not possible to send me a message because to lack of money. I was very sad, honest and not materialistic I feel so hurt, he wrote when he had time and it was like we understood each other that well, with the same ideas. I know he was from Detroit, Michigan. I cannot believe that he screwed me. I got a depression, can an US officer be like that? My husband was an officer, I lived with him in Sweden, Paris, Cologne, Allemagne, for a training period in St louis, Kansas City. I am so disappointed. I divorced after a whiplash I had in 1976 when the children were 4 and 6 years and my husband was travelling all the time. I regret because a new woman found him, Suzanne Marie Walther. He must have been very lonesome then.

Thank you in advance to clear out this story, I hope to not be disappointed!
Anyhow I want to spend my future with this man, he is a good person, and we don’t mean the same Elliot Dunbar I guess!

Sherlock Holmie

Lets expose all of these catfish together!

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