She prob a gay dude pretending to be girl called ashley williams, met her on yubo, she said to add me on and and when the whole situation happened (ill describe it) and she just said “kik” as in get on kik now.. So i texted her and we talked, she asked for a face pic so i sent her one, she asked for my age and i said (my age) and she said me too, even tho her age was different on yubo.. She said she was horny and she wanted a pic in my underwear and she said she would send it too, i sent it to her and she sent one back (no face in it), she said to send a pic of me naked of my side and back (weird for a girl to ask for a back one) so i sent it to her, she sent me a nude pic of her ass and tits, different skin tone and ass shape from the first one, she said for a close up of my dick, i sent it to her, she always replied with hot or so hot btw, so she sent a pic of her pussy, different skin tone from first and different ass shape from second.. so then she asked for me stripping, peeing, and masturbating.. so i said ill get you tomorrow, then she said now, i said then give me your number because my 4g was bad, she said no here now, she sounding annoyingly desperate. so i sent it to her the next day and she didn’t text back, so i got worried if she was a catfish or even worse a person who would expose me, i’m so embarrassed please take here down.. :'(

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