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Met this man on Coffee Meets Bagel back in mid November.  Said his Name was Gorge Vankeli.  Says he was 6’4′ and from Finland originally and he lived in Plainville, IL. Then he had to leave to work for a company called  Argos (offshore drilling company) in London.  We talked for a few weeks and then he said he wanted me to send him itunes cards because he wanted a book online and couldn’t get any itunes cards because they didn’t have them around where they were staying at for the job he was doing.  Like an idiot I sent him some and he cashed them right away.  I then asked him when his birthday was and he said Dec. 4 but his profile on Facebook say it was in September.  I asked him how tall he was and he said 6’1 (his profile said 6’4)  I called him out on it and he told me he lied because it was social media.  He showed me his twitter account (which had just been started) so I knew it was fake.  I reported his fake Facebook account and they shut it down immediately.  He then told me his real name was Gorge Joe.  He said he had a 20 year old son named Matt (sometimes he refereed to him as Chrys though…said that was his nickmame).  I found another fake Facebook profile of his under Gorge Vandel and had it shut down.  He never could send me an on the spot selfie or call.  He asked me at one point for my Apple ID too …. Says he is 43 but he told me he had just turned 42 after his birthday.

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Chrys R. Bonnay-Lewis

Mr. Vankeli or Joe is using my name (Chrys) as his son. He told me that his son was 15, named Tony and living in Washington State with his Mother…I gave him more than gift cards. So stupid…had to shut down my bank and credit card accounts. If you have more info. please provide me with that via my email. I have reported him to the FCC for bank and credit card fraud.


Just received a friend request from someone using this photo as the profile pic on Facebook. Page is set up using the name Edward Johnson. I’m just going to delete the request, but thought someone might benefit from this info. (07-08-18)