This page won’t let me upload the photo says it is too big. This is a Nigerian catfish scammer claiming to be a US Army Infantryman using the name and photos of a soldier with the partial name of Garrity. Avoid any encounter with this loser altogether as he is a creep that tries to fish out personal information about you and will ask you to get him a credit card to celebrate his upcoming birthday and Christmas on base while he is on deployment in West Africa. He will try to tell you he has no access to his financial accounts while away on deployment. There is a Facebook account even created that looks real, the Facebook account is fake. This Nigerian scammer will tell you he dropped his phone and cannot talk to you on video chat because the camera is now broken and can only talk to you on phone by audio. The accent is obvious straight away that this is a Nigerian accent and not a Caucasian accent from the USA.

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