I met him on tagged feb 2018 we talked there then went to Im then phone sometimes he said he was in Minnesota cuz his mom has cancer at mayo he lived in desplains ,IL THEN AS TIME WENT ON he had to go to brazil fir his timber company thsts his bus then long story short i was helping him cuz he had no reception there in the woods then i talked to his attorney and his bank there i have everything printed out saved all texts and private pics and have a voice mail saved too i contacted CATFISH MTV SHOW AND FTC AS WELL HE IS SCAMMING ANOTHER GIRL ON TAGGED IVE CONTACTED HER ITS A VERY LONG STORY I GAVE HIM A GIFT CARD I TRADED FOR AMAZON CARD OMG THEN I STARTED FIGURING THINGS OUT AND OH HE LOVES ME AND BLAH BLAH ANYHOO I NEED TO BUST HIM HES Probably SCAMMING MORE ON TAGGED DATING SITE I WANT MY MONDY BACK AND I WANT HIM CAUGHT AND PUT IN JAIL

NOW TUES 5/15/18 at nite is the ladt time i heard from him i know hes scamming this girl i got off of his profile i warning her he is niw doing whst he did to me a couple mo ago and i lied to him telling him i eon a trip to brazil cuz he supposedly have to trade his passport cuz hes tax code for the deal of his timber he did not have the money for it so ut was a collateral till he gives the rusdian loan sharks the money back i know this confusing but if you contact me asap i will explain everything PLEASE ASAP BEFORE HE GETS ANOTHER VICTIM TY Joann 630-715-3444

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