Evangeline Femy from Skout and Facebook is a scammer (Nigeria) – her phone number is 9045416360

I met her on Skout. Her 1st message is “If you are serious, text me at  (904)541-6360 or Facebook me at Evangeline Femy”.

She told me that she was from Mexico, but currently studying in Africa for school because she was studying animals. Guess what I immediately thought…..Nigeria SCAM, and I was RIGHT. Plus, her area code for her phone number points to Jacksonville Florida.

She asked all of these relationship questions to “try” to make it sound believable. She even brought the Bible into it.

Then later on Evangeline Femy said she was crying because she was hungry. She apparently didn’t have much money for food up there. AND here is where the red flags begin. Here are the Facebook  messages:

2016-02-08 18_38_08-Evangeline Femy - Messages - Waterfox

As you can see she wants me to send money through Western Union. I continue messaging her to get more info and the address.

2016-02-08 18_49_15-Evangeline Femy - Messages - Waterfox

And BINGO!!! The country is Nigeria! How typical of a scammer. She wanted me to send it to:

Name: Evangeline Femi

Country: Nigeria

State: Lagos

City Shomolu

Zip Code: 23401

Then I told the scammer that I didn’t have the money now because I forgot to pay some bills. Then guess what? He or She became pissed off and wants nothing to do with me, all because they couldn’t get my money.

2016-02-08 18_50_49-Evangeline Femy - Messages - Waterfox

Now there is no point in talking to me. I have revealed/exposed this scam artist/catfish. Fake account, Fake picture, Fake story, Fake profile.


Sherlock Holmie

Lets expose all of these catfish together!

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