David Hoffman

Claims to be Dutch but moved to America then to Australia. Says he is a civil engineer who has his own civil engineering company. Says his wife died 3 years ago of cancer and has no kids. Website address is www.hoffmanconstructions.com

Sent another photo of himself. They looked similar but I don’t think it was the same person

Spoke to him briefly on the phone before he allegedly left for Dubai to construct an oil platform. He sounded Filipino. After 3 weeks he told me there had been an explosion and half of his workers were in hospital with burns. Another week goes by. He emails me to say he can’t afford to pay for the damage or the workers medical bills and asks me “for help as I don’t know who to turn to”. I never got as far as “how much” but the story he spun would mean 10000+.

Alarm bells had been going off for a while so I politely told him to jump off a bridge.

I didn’t find him on a dating site or social media. It was a social group in Australia for people who just want to get out of the house but not interested in hooking up, that’s what is scary about this. He got mushy very quickly but what he never got was I told him needy men are a turn off, but he did it regardless. It was repulsive.

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Kerin Black
Kerin Black

He has been busy if late on the MeetUp app, especially focusing on singles groups

Sherlock Holmie

When will his madness end?

Janis brown
Janis brown

Really? I reported him to meetup but he keeps changing his name. Last one I saw was steven peeters. He was on the “young millionaires club” or something like that in Perth LOL, he must be doing ok in his line of “work”. My son who is a bit of a nerd traced his email to a woman in France. I spoke to him on the phone twice and he sounded like Kermit the frog like one of those phone operators in the Philippines. The voice didn’t sound like a tall man, more like a 16 year old boy ,… Read more »