Hij doet zich voor als vrouw/stel maar het is een man pas op!


Posts regular ads on craigslist but never responds to the kik messages they receive.


Posted on sexting forum claiming to send her nudes and possibly do videos for free. She sent me a link that sent me t...


Talked to this one for only a few hours, they were lucky I wasn't home and was running on data, otherwise my initial ...


Gay male pretending to be a female or a Male & Female couple just looking to harvest pics of guys


I’ve been speaking to Nicole for 5 years now. In that time she has never sent a live pic, said we would meet and canc...


Met this man on Zoosk and immediately asked to chat on Kik. I should have know something was up. Started chatting ...


She sent me nudes and they were fake. I found her on eBay and Craiglist when she tried selling me panties. Someone ar...


Talked to her for about a week, exchanged a couple innocent photos. She claims to be a US Service member (Marine) sta...


She claims to be in the military. Scams for money. Tells you how much she loves you and sent me nice pictures.


She claims to be in the Air force and is deployed in Korea. She says that someone hacked her email, so she isn't able...

Hal Low

Chat to her(?) a bit, exchanged vids of this and that.  Later found out all the vids she(?) sent were fake (i found t...


Advertising young girl ads and nudes!


Soon as I started chatting wanted Amazon gift cards or payment to PayPal fed up of it .


I love when ppl fwm. & Now {everyone} can see the real you mi pleasure.


Wanted nudes and said would black mail me if I didn’t send.


Selling nudes and sounds like a bot


This page won't let me upload the photo says it is too big. This is a Nigerian catfish scammer claiming to be a US Ar...