Aelita Burmistrova

I would like to bring to your notice of Aelita Burmistrova’s actions in relation to me dating her through Dreamonelove and marrying Aelita . I originally found her on your site. It was evident she is a scammer and a gold digger.

It was only revealed after our marriage that I discovered she suffered from Bulimia Nervosa and had an alcohol problem. On her return to Kharkiv she suffered from Pneumonia and alcoholism and she was scamming for more money for treatment. She is not getting better. She has had three different doctors look at her and they says she will not get better due to the alcohol. I truly fell in love with her and I am sorry to see she has taken this path.

I have no further reason to continue with her as we will go to divorce. My marriage lasted 7 weeks. She has been married 4 times before me. This makes me the 5th. I now know what is wrong with her.

I have spent over $60,000.00 plus in preparation through immigration for to her to come to Australia. Instead of working together for us , she was only intent in getting money from me to fix her house in Kharkiv and what repairs were needed. She scammed me for $15,000.00 US for doctors to treat her. It is decided to not proceed with our relationship. The problems encountered is due to alcoholism and hot temper and drastic mood changes.

I thought I was set for the rest of my life. I have lost part of my life due to her problems and with no love in the relationship it appeared to be going nowhere. Now I understand why.

Sherlock Holmie

Lets expose all of these catfish together!

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